getting addicted from online poker?

Excess of everything is bad and it applies equally on games including poker. Just like other games where you need to find a limit to avoid injury, online poker also requires the understanding of the limit so that you could avoid the addiction. It is a great game full of fun, passion, character and most importantly the earnings. Since it involves money it is very natural to get tempted by passion to earn more and more. This uncontrolled approach of game play makes you addicted to the game, causing several social and psychological disorders.

According to estimates, there are over 6 million people addicted to the game in the U.S. itself.  Online poker is harmless if played smartly with an intellectual capacity and emotional intelligence.  You are master of the craft and your winning ratio is good, perfect. The moment you start losing money, your game style changes and you start playing randomly in the hope to earn big to compensate losses. The chain reaction takes you to the stage of total bankruptcy.

The poker addiction is progressive in nature, and symptoms remain very subtle until you hit the threshold. The most basic symptom of addiction is the failure to resist the temptation to play poker. If it sustains for long, you become victim of “problem gambling” with impulse-control disorder. You may face recurring headache, anxiety, depression and distress.  

Ways to Avoid Online Poker Addiction

Understanding the problem is the key to avoidance of the poker addiction. Online poker addiction is not because of your financial problem, but your problems are more of emotional nature. Here are some of the tips you can use to stay away from the poker addiction:

  • Understand Addiction

The rule of the game is simple, play to win. If you are not winning, simply stop playing for a while. If you cannot resist the urge to play, it means you are getting addicted. This realization is most important to device the mechanism of avoidance. You have to learn the art to effectively control your instincts. You know about yourself, interests, habit and hobbies try to engage yourself in those activities. This way you learn to say “no” to poker.  

  • Socialize   

You play online poker in isolation. Long exposure to the virtual space takes you away from the social circles. The best strategy to avoid poker addiction is higher social engagement. This helps you shares your challenges and your family and friends could help you reorient the thought process. Ty to maintain the highest level of transparency in discussing financial issues, as this is the root cause of all the problems. If the addiction is acute, you may seek advice of professional therapist to get rid of the addiction.

  • Cleanse Memory  

The temptation to play poker comes from the memory triggers. The recurrence of emotional kicks comes from the cues linked with the poker. So, stay away from all possible triggers. Let the poker memory burn in a mental hard disc. You have to delete the game from your device and avoid any poker related information flow. aplikasi poker online

  • Handover Finance

Poker is all about money. You invest money to earn big. So, if you feel that you cannot resist the temptation to take larger risks, it is time to seek advice of a family member. The best possible strategy is to handover all financial matters to someone trusted. Make a public commitment to not touch the money for playing poker. Even if you feel the urge to play the game, you won’t have money to play and the barrier of asking will help you avoid the urge.

  • Maintain Normal Life

If you want to stay away from the poker addiction, you have to maintain a very healthy social life. If you are socially responsible and busy, you won’t get enough time to overindulge in the game of poker. You social obligation acts a huge deterrent in your way to play wild poker.  

Passion is perfect for successful execution of any task. But you have to be very calculative in driving your passion in the right direction. This skill to calculate makes all the difference. Playing poker online is not bad, but you have to learn the art of control. Play on schedule and within defined budget. Stick to your bankroll and have fun!